Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 

Monday - My long run that week was 5 miles so the 1st run of the NYS Parks Summer Series fell in line perfectly.  It was at Heckscher Park.  I headed down to the park with Lorena after a quick stop at The Sause's to say Hi.  A few other IGRs are running it too.  The weather was pretty nice.  A bit humid but it could have been MUCH worse!!


During - Jeff got me during a walk break LOL

I was pretty pleased with my splits.  Pretty consistant but I finished faster than I started for sure.  Not an overall PR but not too far off.

Wednesday - 3 Miles.  I had a chiropractor appointment.  My neck had been hurting since the hotel bed in DC and running on Monday really hurt.  So I just got up at regular time since I could then run and be there by 9:15.  It was hot and so humid at 7:30 in the morning!!  UGH!

You can see from my splits that the heat and the hills did me in!  Plus then when I got home I just couldn't get my body temp down and I felt like I was sweating IN the shower. Gross!

Saturday - 3 Miles.  I also did my cross training that day.  I headed out to West Orange NJ to do MuckFest with my friends Nick and Abby.  It was so fun.  Harder than I expected but a such a great time!!

Before - Luckily we had Matt with us for pictures.
1st of 22 obstacles

I might like doing mud runs....not sure.......

And done
Now we did not run the whole way but I did cover a 5k so I am counting it :)

Sunday - 4 miles.  I got up early to beat the heat since I had to do 4 miles in my hilly neighborhood but even though it was not hot the humidity was still so bad.

I did two loops and you can tell the difference between when I am going up hill and when I was going down LOL

Week 4

Monday - 9 miles * - Monday's summer series run was Sunken Meadow.  This is a fun but super tough 10k.  It covers boardwalks, pavement, grass and sandy trails.  PLUS it includes Cardiac Hill.  It is considered one of the hardest cross country trails in the country.  Not by only me but this is online.

The park's grounds provide an excellent venue for cross-country running, and host competitions for many cross-country teams from local high schools and runners' clubs. The 5-kilometer course, featuring the deliberately named "Cardiac Hill", is regarded as one of the most difficult cross-country courses in the US. -

*My plan was to do the 5k and then finish out the last 2.8 miles after.  I will say now that it did not happen.  The course is tough I won't lie and it was humid.  When I was done - I was DONE.  

I do love the course except for Cardiac Hill it really is nice.  Cardiac Hill tried to take out my girl Kris.  It was her first race back after surgeries.....way to go balls to the wall choosing this one as your first one back!  I saw she was having trouble with the hill.  (Let me mention is it STEEEEEEP and sandy so as you are running forward you slide back) So I just put my hands on her ass and pushed....all the way to the top with Alicia pulling us.  We were DYING....but as soon as we hit the top she took off down the other side...she might be crazy.

I think I will be doing more of my training runs here just without the hill.

So happy the hill was way behind me.....
Signs on the hill.....

Can you tell which mile had the hill????
Wednesday - 3 Miles.  It was the first night of RunStart.  Renee, Jen, Zorana and I are going to try to learn how to be better runners.  It was so humid!!  We did about 2.75 miles in total in the laps of the track.  

Tonight is week 2 and I will try to be a better blogger and get some pictures.

Thursday - 3 Miles.  OK So I apparently have an issue with 3 miles and I have to do a 5k......I just did my normal route.  It was hot and humid....I am sensing a trend here I don't like..... NY Summers Hot? Humid? 

                                                               I guess I will just have to.......

It was a sloooow day.
Saturday - 4 Miles.  This was perfect timing for a local 4 mile race that I had only done once before.  You need to check out the story HERE.  "Murph" was a local man who was only a year younger than me and from the same HS as many of my friends.  So we ran for him and his memory.

After you read his story you will understand why I feel like an asshole talking about how hot and humid it was in the blaring sun on Saturday but it was for the training part of this blog.  The course goes around Lake Ronkonkoma and there is a hill at mile 3 that I forgot.  I was having the hardest time breathing and the sun felt like fire on my skin.  The strange thing is that according to my garmin it was not that hot.  I was pouring water over my head and ice in my bra and still felt like I was on fire!  All I could think when I was done was "Why do I do this?????"

One highlight is that I got to meet one of my fellow Red Felters in real life, Eileen.  See is 100% more awesome in real life than on FB.  She and her husband came down from Mass.  JUST for this race and Murph.

Even standing in the shade the stupid sun finds me....

IGRs plus Eileen :)

See it was apparently not as bad as I felt.......

How is your summer going?  Training is really starting to freak me out.....

Monday, June 16, 2014

Marathon Training - First 2 weeks.

So I have officially finished my first 2 weeks of marathon training.  Week one was a bit more successful than week 2 but I am not beating myself up about it.  (anymore).

Week 1:

Monday - 3 Miles.  After 2 weeks off from running my legs were heavy and it felt humid but I got it done.  Even with proof that I do in face run on Candy (lane that is LOL)

Tuesday - I planned on running to Weight Watchers as per usual but I got out of work later than expected so I just drove straight there.  I am glad I did because when I got there I got the news that my leader had passed away.  I was shocked.  She apparently got into a car accident and died from complications of that.  I really liked her a lot.

Wednesday - 3 miles.  National Running Day.  I found out later in the day that members of Team Chris were getting together to run The Grid course.  I rushed over after work and ran 3 miles of it with Erin who I had met at the I Did the Grid race.  We realized right away that we were both doing the 3:1 run walk and we are close in pace.  We chatted and enjoyed the day even if it was super humid -  we had to slow down and we walked more because of it.

Thursday - I had 3 miles on the schedule and there was a local 5k so I did that.  I met Colleen there and Erin found us at the start so the 3 of us hung out for the whole 5k.  It was still pretty humid but we enjoyed ourselves.

Colleen, Erin and I

Erin and I

Saturday - My first long run day.  6 Miles.  I had long ago signed up for a local 4k and I had to do a virtual 10k so I figured I would do the race and then come home and finish with 6 more k.  It was a small event and didn't even start until 10am.  There were so few people doing the 4k run I just knew I would be last. (There was also a 2k walk and I guess most people were doing that)

Got my Digital Running gear on and my new shades from Nicole

I am not sure why it keeps going sideways....but you can see the front of the pack and I was at the back of the pack LOL.
It was just a 2 loop of the parking lots of the school but as far as parking lots go it was very nice but super hilly.  We finished up on the track.  There were people behind me but I assumed they were from the 2k walk that started a few minutes after the run started.  I did not beat my 4k PR but with the hills I was actually pleased with my results.

28:18 - There were 104 runners total so not top 50% but better than I expected.
I grabbed a water and banana and tried to head home as fast as possible to finish up the run.  However they locked all the gates and it took me over a 1/2 hour to get out and then another 15 minutes home. I have plotted out my planned route on Friday but as I was getting home I realized that it was graduation for the HS that is next to my neighborhood.  This could effect my run if I wanted to change to avoid getting hit by a car since pretty much every person who drives to this school think they are the only one who matters and the roads are put there for them and them alone......

Sorry it is sideways again.....I can't figure out how to fix this.......Note the wonderful elevation in my neighborhood.  
I decided I was going to just do the route I planned.  I didn't feel like figuring it out as I went.  I just had to be extra careful when I got near the school.  By now it was just about 11:30 and it felt HOT and HUMID (it really wasnt that bad according to the weather but it felt brutal).   The uphill areas seemed much steeper than any other time I ran them.....I was so tired.  My splits reflect how I felt.

Mikes Hike 4k

Balance 6k

Leave me here to die......

Yup.....I had a hard run.

Week 2 - 

Monday -  3 miles.  I had a virtual 5k to do so I just headed out to do my usual 5k loop in my neighborhood.  I thought last week was was like running in soup!!!

Horatio has resumed waiting for me to come home.  He has been mad at me. LOL

Only 94% humidity?  

Wednesday - 3 miles so I figured I would try the Sketchers GoRun3s that were sent to me to try.  I would just do my usual 3 mile loop.

The Sketchers GoRun3 that I am going to try out have arrived.
As part of GLIRC they asked who would try them and keep up a log.
I jumped at the chance and they finally came!  

So pretty!

Love the colors and they are so extremely light it felt like I was holding almost nothing.
Insoles come separately in the box

And the shoe is finished inside so you don't even need them if you want a more minimal shoe.

They felt like you are wearing aqua socks.  So light and the outer part is so soft and stretchy you can move your toes freely.  My heel felt a little higher than the rest of my foot.  I was in love so far!  Out for a run I went.  Now when I get new shoes my neuromas hurt almost immediately.  With these they didn't.  In fact they didn't bother me until just before 3 miles!!!  My only concern was when the road was pitched my ankles seemed to lean in the direction of the road.  It didn't hurt or bother me but I was aware I was running differently. Even with what seemed like a lot of walking it was faster than my run have been.

Friday - I was heading to DC for ROC race so I packed to do the 7 miles at the hotel on the treadmill.  I brought the Sketchers to see if on the treadmill if my ankles would still roll in.  However, with the storms my flight was delayed so we go to DC just in time for dinner and bed.  I figured I would get up early Saturday morning to do it before ROC.

Saturday - 3 miles (ROC Race) - I didn't get up early so the 7 miles didn't happen.  No big deal I would do it Sunday.  So Dave come to the hotel and then Dave, Chris, Gabby and I headed to RFK Stadium to meet up with Stef and Kevin.  It was such a nice day.  We had to wait a loooooong time for our way but once we got going we had a great time!!

Very wet after LOL
We all headed back to the hotel to shower and go to dinner.  Dinner took longer than it needed to but it was good.  We went back to the hotel then Kevin, Stef, Dave and I went to the Pentagon memorial and the Air Force memorial.  It was a beautiful night and the walk felt great!  When we got back to the hotel I set my alarm to get up for my 7 miles.

Sunday - I woke up to Stef texting me that they were going to alarm didn't go off.  I must have woke up in the middle of the night and shut it off.  Now I was pissed.  Only my second week and already I missed a day - a long run at that.  UGH!  We headed to Union Station to get Dave to his train and have lunch then got me to the airport.

Well today starts week 3 and today is my long run.  5 miles.  Luckily it is also the start of the NYS Parks summer series and it is a 5 miler :)  I will do better!