Monday, September 8, 2014

Catching up yet again...... Biggest Loser Half Marathon

Sorry everyone.  I have been such a lazy blogger....or maybe it is because my training has been so lacking that I am afraid to admit it.  Granted it was because of an injury and not just laziness.....ok there was some laziness if I am honest.  I feel like I may have used the injury as an excuse.....

Ok so when I left off in my last post the next thing I was going to talk about is the Biggest Loser Half in Killington VT.  I started out super excited about this weekend.  Tom had said he would go to Killington when I mentioned I had a race there.   I was so excited.  Plus a bunch of my IGRs would be there!  OMG that drive is forever.....I really prefer to fly places!!  I am going to try to not make this a forever post.  Saturday was the expo....I expected a huge deal since it was a Biggest Loser event but it was like a packet pick up at a 5k.
Race day outfit.

While I love the color but a cotton tshirt...really??  This was an expensive race!!

Tom and I went to dinner and then to get ice cream.  He was already a bit grumpy because there is ZERO things to do in Killington in the summer.

I really want to know what this is...... LOL

Fun menu......

Race day we had a 1.5 hour delay because of a crazy storm but then we were off.  I will say this right now.  This was THE HARDEST COURSE I HAVE EVER RUN (walked).  It was labeled as an easy course that was good for beginners.  That was a FLIPPING LIE!!  I was telling anyone who would listen....this was not what half marathons are usually like.  It was INSANE!!!

So here is the story in pictures.......

Waiting for the start

It was still a bit rainy at the beginning but it was fun.  Jen and I were sticking together doing the whole 3:1 thing....

It got very hot as the race went along and very sunny......right after this photo the rest of the race was up hill....steep steep hills...... Then at mile 11 we saw Tom and he walked us across the bridge to the ski lift.  Yup the ski lift.

While I appreciate Tom being there and he may have anyway but the reason he was there was that even thought we stayed at the HOST hotel.  They would not give runners late check out.  Race was supposed to start at 9 and check out was if you were not a super fast runner you were screwed.  Then we didn't even start until 10:30.....

We had to take a ski lift up, out clock was not stopped as promised and Jen is afraid of heights.....sounds fun right?  Well after a few minutes she calmed down until the ski lift stopped.  We were stuck there for a good 5 minutes.  Yup....time was still going, our muscles were tightening up and she was scared.

Then when we got off the ski lift we had to run down a loose grave super steep hill to the was really painful after about 10 minutes sitting down.

So basically I will not ever do another Biggest Loser event and I will let people know of my issues if they ever tell me they want to do one.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Catch up post on training or lack of and some races.

Ok so the last time I posted it was July 2nd!!!!  It is now Aug 15th!!!!  I am so sorry.  Things have been a bit crazy for the past few weeks.  This post could end up being long but I promise to TRY keep it pretty short.  We don't need a post that will take you another month and a half to read LMAO!!

So when I was last typing here my training was going well.  I was keeping at my schedule for the most part.  I should have known it was too good to be true.  After a BEEEEEEUTIFUL 10k run along the Delaware river in upstate NY I started getting bad pains in my shins.  They felt like shin splints and then it was in the muscle.  It hurt so bad.  I had to stop wearing the Skechers and I started wearing my compression socks for ALL runs!!!  I also had to not run for a few days.  So basically my training has gone to shit.

July 5th - 10k Upstate NY.  It was a beautiful day and beautiful views.
 This is when the pain in my leg started.

Not really but it is in a veeerrrryyyyy long time.

Bethpage Park 5k. - Part of the Summer Run Series.  I was on vacation so I was not going to go but I did.  It was a mistake.  It is on a golf course so it is hilly and the down hills are short but super steep.  I hauled ass down the hills and boy did I pay for it after.  THIS is where the severe pain started.  But at least I was there with my girls!!

We  are totally super serious.....

We are cute tho.
The very next day....I was off of work and I thought I could run through the pain if I wore compression socks.  My plan was 5 miles.  I headed up to Caumsett Park and was going to run 2.5 miles then turn around and head back the way I came.  HOWEVER once I started running the pain was bad...and even thought it didn't seem to hot when I go there but as soon as I was running it was horrible....I just did one 3 mile loop and headed home.

I didn't run for the rest of the week because I knew I had a half marathon that weekend.  I was nervous but I knew I could just take it easy at the half.

Jamestown Half Marathon - My friend Allison and I drove up to Newport RI Saturday afternoon.  It was a nice drive...I hate to go anywhere far in a car but with good company the ride went fast.  Danielle, Jen and Susan met up with us at our hotel so we could get our packets and get dinner.  Susan went to dinner with a friend and the rest of us ate and did some shopping.

For the race we got on the shuttle to the start at 5 something in the morning!!!  The race started a little late and the lines for the pottys were super long so after a pee in the woods we were off.  Allison, Jen, Susan and I decided early on that we would stick together.  They said they would follow the 3:1 that I follow but we were going to walk most of the hills.

The course was GORGEOUS!  It was also a beautiful day!!!  We took it slow and steady and we had a great time!!

We had a great time.  I was bummed that when we crossed the finish line they had run out of water.  They got some brought in so it wasn't too bad.  We hung out a little at the finish and then headed to the shuttle back to the parking lot across from our hotel.

Bonus: On the way to the shuttle we saw Nicole!!  We have been FB friends for awhile now so I was excited!!

During the ride home my legs were killing me so I took a FULL WEEK off of running!!!  

Just hanging at the Dr's office.

Heart and Sole 5k - This is a fun local 5k and my friend Colleen said she would stick with me since I had to go super slow!!

Susan and I keeping the Neon in Team Chris.

We took it slow and I was hurting but we had fun!!

I told Colleen and I was serious....this was my slowest time at this race but it went buy the fastest since we just had such a good time.  <3

The next day was the 5k at Caumsett Park.  Lorena and Danielle met at my house and we headed up to the park.  The traffic to that race sucks every year.  We were not sure we were going to make it.  We did and it was a nice day.  A bunch of us decided to stick together for the race.  Again with my 3:1....I love that people want to try it with me.

July 21st was also Chris Scherer's Birthday so the run for him was extra special that night.

Always the serious one.....
 I went to the track for the RunStart track workout on Wednesday but took it easy.  I figured the track was soft so it should be ok.  It was hot and humid but we had fun.

I am going to leave off here.......this post is long enough.  I will start up again on the next post with the Biggest Loser Half Marathon and BOY do I have to tell you about THAT race and not much of it is good!!!  Stay tuned.......

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 

Monday - My long run that week was 5 miles so the 1st run of the NYS Parks Summer Series fell in line perfectly.  It was at Heckscher Park.  I headed down to the park with Lorena after a quick stop at The Sause's to say Hi.  A few other IGRs are running it too.  The weather was pretty nice.  A bit humid but it could have been MUCH worse!!


During - Jeff got me during a walk break LOL

I was pretty pleased with my splits.  Pretty consistant but I finished faster than I started for sure.  Not an overall PR but not too far off.

Wednesday - 3 Miles.  I had a chiropractor appointment.  My neck had been hurting since the hotel bed in DC and running on Monday really hurt.  So I just got up at regular time since I could then run and be there by 9:15.  It was hot and so humid at 7:30 in the morning!!  UGH!

You can see from my splits that the heat and the hills did me in!  Plus then when I got home I just couldn't get my body temp down and I felt like I was sweating IN the shower. Gross!

Saturday - 3 Miles.  I also did my cross training that day.  I headed out to West Orange NJ to do MuckFest with my friends Nick and Abby.  It was so fun.  Harder than I expected but a such a great time!!

Before - Luckily we had Matt with us for pictures.
1st of 22 obstacles

I might like doing mud runs....not sure.......

And done
Now we did not run the whole way but I did cover a 5k so I am counting it :)

Sunday - 4 miles.  I got up early to beat the heat since I had to do 4 miles in my hilly neighborhood but even though it was not hot the humidity was still so bad.

I did two loops and you can tell the difference between when I am going up hill and when I was going down LOL

Week 4

Monday - 9 miles * - Monday's summer series run was Sunken Meadow.  This is a fun but super tough 10k.  It covers boardwalks, pavement, grass and sandy trails.  PLUS it includes Cardiac Hill.  It is considered one of the hardest cross country trails in the country.  Not by only me but this is online.

The park's grounds provide an excellent venue for cross-country running, and host competitions for many cross-country teams from local high schools and runners' clubs. The 5-kilometer course, featuring the deliberately named "Cardiac Hill", is regarded as one of the most difficult cross-country courses in the US. -

*My plan was to do the 5k and then finish out the last 2.8 miles after.  I will say now that it did not happen.  The course is tough I won't lie and it was humid.  When I was done - I was DONE.  

I do love the course except for Cardiac Hill it really is nice.  Cardiac Hill tried to take out my girl Kris.  It was her first race back after surgeries.....way to go balls to the wall choosing this one as your first one back!  I saw she was having trouble with the hill.  (Let me mention is it STEEEEEEP and sandy so as you are running forward you slide back) So I just put my hands on her ass and pushed....all the way to the top with Alicia pulling us.  We were DYING....but as soon as we hit the top she took off down the other side...she might be crazy.

I think I will be doing more of my training runs here just without the hill.

So happy the hill was way behind me.....
Signs on the hill.....

Can you tell which mile had the hill????
Wednesday - 3 Miles.  It was the first night of RunStart.  Renee, Jen, Zorana and I are going to try to learn how to be better runners.  It was so humid!!  We did about 2.75 miles in total in the laps of the track.  

Tonight is week 2 and I will try to be a better blogger and get some pictures.

Thursday - 3 Miles.  OK So I apparently have an issue with 3 miles and I have to do a 5k......I just did my normal route.  It was hot and humid....I am sensing a trend here I don't like..... NY Summers Hot? Humid? 

                                                               I guess I will just have to.......

It was a sloooow day.
Saturday - 4 Miles.  This was perfect timing for a local 4 mile race that I had only done once before.  You need to check out the story HERE.  "Murph" was a local man who was only a year younger than me and from the same HS as many of my friends.  So we ran for him and his memory.

After you read his story you will understand why I feel like an asshole talking about how hot and humid it was in the blaring sun on Saturday but it was for the training part of this blog.  The course goes around Lake Ronkonkoma and there is a hill at mile 3 that I forgot.  I was having the hardest time breathing and the sun felt like fire on my skin.  The strange thing is that according to my garmin it was not that hot.  I was pouring water over my head and ice in my bra and still felt like I was on fire!  All I could think when I was done was "Why do I do this?????"

One highlight is that I got to meet one of my fellow Red Felters in real life, Eileen.  See is 100% more awesome in real life than on FB.  She and her husband came down from Mass.  JUST for this race and Murph.

Even standing in the shade the stupid sun finds me....

IGRs plus Eileen :)

See it was apparently not as bad as I felt.......

How is your summer going?  Training is really starting to freak me out.....